A Heights Timeline (1963-2019)

Summer 1963

The Heights Educational Center opens oat 3817 Cathedral Avenue in the Cathedral Heights section of Washington, D.C. Classes are offered in study habits. The goal of the Center is to develop leadership qualities in young men and to assist in their spiritual development as future Catholic leaders. From the beginning, the Center was referred to as The Heights because of its location in Cathedral Heights.

Winter 1964

The Heights merges with the Washington Career Institute, which specializes in career and college counseling for high school boys.

Summer 1965

Twenty-seven course offerings are available at The Heights. Due to the limited space at the Cathedral Avenue Center, several of the courses are taught at St. Albans School.

Winter 1967

The Heights moves from its location at Cathedral Avenue to a newly constructed facility at 4300 Garrison Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

Fall 1969

The Heights School is officially opened with thirty-six students in grades seven and eight.

Spring 1974

The first class of seniors graduates from The Heights School.

Fall of 1978

Capture the Flag is played for the first time at the School. The School expands to include grades three through twelve. Seventy-six students comprising grades three through eight move to a twenty-five acre campus on Seven Locks Road in Potomac, Maryland.

Winter 1980

The first Maryland Day Gala was held to commemorate the founding of Maryland on the feast of the Annunciation, March 25, in the year of 1634.

Summer 1983

The construction of a new high school building is completed on the Potomac campus allowing the entire school to move to Potomac. The Garrison Street location is renamed the Tenley Study Center.

Summer 1984

The construction of a chapel is completed, allowing Mass to be celebrated daily on the Potomac campus.

Fall 1986

The first Garden Party is held.

Fall 1987

The student enrollment of The Heights School reaches 155.

Winter 1989

The construction of a new gymnasium is completed and dedicated on April 18.

Fall 1990

The Heights School receives accreditation from the Middle Atlantic States Association.

Spring 1993

The first Annual Golf Classic is held at a public course in Poolesville, Maryland to grow scholarship dollars for deserving students.

Fall 1996

Student enrollment at the School reaches 330.

Fall 1997

A new log cabin is constructed in the “Valley” and becomes home for the fifth and sixth grades.

Fall 1998

Student enrollment at the School reaches 460 – the limit established by Montgomery County.

Fall 1999

Construction of the School’s library is completed.

Spring 2001

The baseball diamond is redone; a new soccer field, four tennis courts and improvements to the driveway and parking lot are completed. The first son of an alumnus graduates from the School.

Winter 2003

Crescite Week, a time for growth and learning outside the classroom for the Upper School, begins.

Fall 2004

A Strategic Plan is adopted by the Administration and approved by the Board of Directors.

winter 2004

The Tower Fund, an endowment for faculty and students, is established.

winter 2005

An updated Campus Master Plan is approved by the Board of Directors.  

Spring 2005

The Board of Directors authorizes preparations for the Tower Campaign to fund the implementation of the Campus Master Plan.

fall 2005

Construction is completed on the grand stone staircase leading from the Valley to the Upper School.

Winter 2006

The Heights Men’s Chorus perform at the Music Center at Strathmore.

spring 2006

The Tower Campaign raises more than $9.5 million in support of the Campus Master Plan.

fall 2006

100 alumni attend the annual fall alumni reunion.

summer 2007

The Tower Campaign reaches nearly $12 million in support of the Campus Master Plan.

fall 2007

Construction is completed on the new upper school and administrative building; the new chapel is dedicated by the Very Rev. Msgr. Thomas G. Bohlin, S.T.D., Vicar of Opus Dei in the United States.

summer 2008

The position of Director of Alumni Relations is created to increase alumni engagement in School development.

fall 2008

As evidence that demand is strong for The Heights School, enrollment is full for the 10th straight year.

spring 2009

The first Jackson Scholars are announced.

fall 2009

The Heights School celebrates its 40th anniversary.

winter 2011

The Heights Men’s Chorus records Sing Dem Hern at St. Peterskirche chapel in Austria during Crescite Week.

winter 2012

The Winter Auction raises more than $100,000 for the first time in its history.

summer 2012

The Alumni Scholarship Fund is launched to encourage alumni support of scholarships for deserving students.

fall 2012

The History of Western Thought course is introduced into the Upper School curriculum.

spring 2013

Rugby is added as a varsity sport.

summer 2013

The Heights School hosts the “Educating Leaders Conference,” an international gathering of teachers and administrators from independent schools around the world.

fall 2015

Heights alumni celebrate their annual reunion with a seated dinner in Chesterton Hall.

winter 2016

The Peter Vincent Galahad Blatty Scholarship Fund is endowed for the next fifty years.

summer 2016

A weight training facility is constructed overlooking the upper athletic field.

fall 2016

The Heights School launches a planned giving program to provide for the future development and security of the School.

spring 2017

The Campus Campaign is approved and launched to provide for the construction of a turf upper athletic field, a renovated baseball diamond, and a new music facility.

Spring 2019

Construction on the turf field, music facility, and baseball field is completed.